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For some time at the Hotel we have been selling value for money model aircraft that are quick to build in order to help our guests out in the event of an emergency.

Why do we do this? As every model aircraft pilot knows, it can repeatedly happen that a pilot makes a rough landing and the damage cannot be repaired quickly. If that was the last available model and there is another week of your holiday to go, then of course you want to carry on flying. For this reason we offer “holiday aircrafts”.

These aircraft are also of interest to flying students who want to carry on practising what they have learned outside their course.

So if you decide on a new model aircraft during your flying training or your holiday, or want to try out something new, you will find everything you need here. Just ask for Adolf and he will be happy to advise you.

Flight instructor Marco also offers Building Service for RC airplanes, gliders and helicopters. If there is only a little problem with your aircraft, he can also fix it during your holidays.

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The perfect present for everybody!

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Please note that the articles can only be purchased on site at the Hotel Glocknerhof in 9771 Berg im Drautal. You are welcome to reserve a model for your holiday. Shipping is not possible (except for clothing).


Flyzone Sensei FS Trainer RTF Mode 2 Komplettset FLZA3030 € 219,99

Hobbyzone Stratocam RTF Komplettset mit Safe, Mode 1 - HBZ8500EU1 € 149,99
Hobbyzone Conscendo S RTF mit Sender Mode 2 - HBZ8600EU € 179,99

Hobbyzone Mini Apprentice S RTF komplett mit Sender HBZ3100EU € 239,99
E-flite Apprentice S 15e RTF - EFL3100C € 289,99
Firebird Delta Ray RTF Mode 2 - HBZ7900IC € 188,99

Segler & Elektromodelle:

Parkzone Radian Pro BNF - PKZ5480 € 269,99

Multiplex Easystar 3 RR 1-01500 € 169,90
Multiplex Heron RR 264276 € 289,90
Multiplex Funcub NG grün RR 1-01333 € 284,99
Multiplex Funcub NG blau RR 1-01526 € 284,99
Multiplex Funcub XL RR 264331 € 379,90
Multiplex Funray RR 264334 € 379,90

Multiplex Twinstar ND RR 1-00911 € 259,90
Multiplex Funracer Orange RR 1-00518 € 189,50
Multiplex Acromaster Pro 1-00846 € 248,90
Multiplex Acromaster Pro Dekorbogen Gelb-Silber 1-01012 € 18,90

Multiplex Funjet 2 Ultra Kit Plus 1-01030 € 199,90

Multiplex Funjet 2 BK+ 1-01029 € 174,90
Multiplex Funjet 2 Antriebssatz mit Vektorsteuereinheit 1-01165 € 1-01165

E-flite T-28 Trojan 1,1 m BNF - EFL4450 € 229,99
Hobbyzone Super Cub S RTF Mode 1 - HBZ8100EU1 € 188,99

Indoor Modelle

Extra 330SC Rot 1-00645 € 57,90
Extra 330SC Blau 214335 € 52,90
Challenger 1-00887 € 61,90
Funny Cub 1-00888 € 57,90

Das gesamte benötigte Zubehör wie Servos, Regler, Motor, Akku, Empfänger und Klebstoffe ist vorrätig.

Für zwischendurch:

Wurfgleiter Felix IQ 60 cm - F8060 € 15,00
Wurfgleiter Felix IQ XL 84 cm - F8085 € 25,00


Multiplex Cockpit SX 9 M-Link Telemetrie-Set mit 9-Kanal-Empfänger RX-9 DR - 25161 € 389,90
Spektrum DX6e 6-Kanal Multi Mode (1-4) Fernsteuerung - SPMR6650EU € 149,99


FMS Easylight 2 ACL - 3 Blinklichter (rot, grün und weiß) € 30,00
Buch: "Elektro-Kunstflug mit RC-Modellen", Lothar Beyer, ISBN: 978-3881804585 - 3102243 € 21,80

Neue Akkus, Empfänger, Kabel, Adapter, Lipo-Tester, Klebstoffe
Neuwertige Empfänger, Servos, Regler, Motoren

Parts and equipment

If you need parts and equipment for model flying, we recommand our reliable partners Modellsport Schweighofer, Modellbau Lindinger and Modellsport D-M-T. All offer a large assortment and if you order on weekdays until noon, you receive storing parts on the following day. Your holidays are secured.

Modellsport Schweighofer     Modellbau Lindinger     D-M-T: Angebot für Hotelgäste Multiplex RC

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