Learn to fly with Model Aircrafts with Marco

tl_files/Glocknerhof/Modellflug/Aeroclub.pngThe Glocknerhof model aircraft school was founded over 40 years ago. The training programme has been continuously improved and the material has been adapted to meet increasing requirements. We offer flying courses: Intensive courses and XXL courses for gliders and engine-powered aircrafts. We have also recently started offering a Glider Acrobatic, Aerotow and Workshops for Hill Soaring on the hillside itself. You will find further information at the bottom of this page.

News from Flight School Glocknerhof:

The Flight School Glocknerhof already exists for more than 40 years. Last year Marco Duregger took it over. After a great flight season there are 2 news for 2020. It is possible to test the aircraft fleet from Multiplex during a flight course and we take a step forward: In 2020 Marco additionally offers flight courses for helicopters at the hoover area at airfield Glocknerhof. Good luck, Adolf & Daniel

Multiplex RCMarco Duregger is our famous airtow pilot and flight instructor at Hotel Glocknerhof. All courses got more individual and flexible. Part of the new concept: "RC Aircraft Setup and Maiden Flights" and "Private Flight Lessons". 2019 we start with Workshops for RC Aircraft Building, RC Aircraft Building Service and RC Flying during wintertime.

Trial flight with RC Aircraft - free of charge

Weekly (usually on Monday) it is possible to do a Trial flight with an RC aircraft. It takes place at the archery range below the hotel. If you are interested you will do a Trial flight with instructor Marco free of charge. If you liked it, you could go on and book an additional lesson or start with an flight course for beginners. We are happy to advise you.

Here you can find a list with all courses for gliders and aircrafts. Here you find all courses for helicopters.

Holidays with modelling at Glocknerhof - Interview in German

Modellflugurlaub & Flugschule - Interview mit Marco und Daniel

Everybody can learn to fly model aeroplanes

Our flying courses are ideal for children, adults and seniors because we have a very individual course design. We recommend that you do not start operating any aircraft until you have taken out a model aircraft public liability insurance policy. We recommend that Austrian pilots take their insurance out via the Österreichischer Aero-club. Downloads on model aircraft

The flight school is run on our RC aircraft airfield (2 minutes from the Hotel) from April to October, usually in the morning from Monday to Friday. Special courses and trainings take place in the afternoon. If there are bad weather conditions, we will also fly in the afternoon.

In the hotel hall you have a flight simulator to train after the lessons.

We recommend to book your preferred date early. To guarantee your desired dates we ask you to send us an enquiry in good time or best of all to book online immediately. If the courses are not available for booking online under “RC Model aircraft” please contact us directly.

How the model aircraft courses are run

You learn how to fly with Model Aeroplanes without stabilization. We fly the school’s own airplanes – without any risk for the flight students. Flight instructor Marco trusts in his fun methods to make progress practically and quickly: theory is conveyed during flights – without any idle time! This is the only way of teaching the flight students their hobby so they can have fun at the same time. If you do not yet own a model aircraft we will be pleased to advise you; this will save you time and a lot of learning the hard way.

Maximum success

You book a course for model flying. The flying instructor will test your skills during joint operation by both student and instructor, so that he can immediately put you on the training programme that is right for you as an individual. There are different model aircrafts available, which can be used according to the skills of the flying student. During the course it is sometimes possible to switch to a more demanding model if needed. The benefit is that the flying students are always challenged so that the maximum training success is achieved. Every flight mode (mode 1 to 4) is possible.

The following terms apply to all RC aircraft courses:

Prices are per flying student for 10 units of 50 minutes each instruction with a maximum of 2 flying students at the same time. If there participates only 1 student, the duration of the course reduces to 7 units.

Everythin is included: Insurance, airfield fees, loan model aircrafts, remote control devices, fuel, repairs and 20 % VAT. If the weather is bad you will only be charged for the units actually flown. RC aircraft flight courses are usually held in the morning from Monday to Friday on the Glocknerhof RC aircraft airfield. The afternoons are free for excursions and relaxation.

If you want to fly aircraft on the airfields outside the model aircraft course – in other words without the instructor – you require public liability insurance. Please complete this form: Registration for RCaircraft pilots.

You will find useful items and information amongst the model aircraft Downloads.

Workshop: Hill Soaring

Our hill soaring workshops take place on fixed dates on 4 afternoons on our own local slope Rottenstein. The workshops are about learning hill soaring, gathering practical experience and getting important tips and hints from experienced pilots. You should bring a glider with you – it does not matter whether it is purely a glider or is engine-powered. The workshops are aimed at pilots who have already mastered flying a standard model aircraft on the flat and want to tackle the subject of hill soaring and thermals. Click here to find full further information and dates for hill soaring workshops at the Glocknerhof.

Helicopter Training

All helicpoter trainings take place on 5 days from Monday to Friday. Flight instructor Marco uses electric RC helicopters size 700. There are courses for beginners and advanced. Here you find all information about helicopter training.

Workshop: RC Aircraft Building

In this workshop you can learn how to build a model aeroplane. Every participant builds his own RC model aircraft during this week. All models are build traditionally in balsa and get covered with a skin of fabric. Aim of the workshop is to learn all practical and theoretical skills to build and repair model aircrafts. Your new model aircraft gets the setup and the maiden flight with flight instructor Marco - depending on the progress of construction. here are further information regarding Model Aircraft Building at Hotel Glocknerhof.

RC Aircraft Building Service

You want to have a special RC Aircraft, but you don't have enough time, patienc or skills to build it on your own? Here you are right! You get fulfillment: We build the model aeroplane as you wish, we do the setup and we do the maiden flight and of course a demonstration flight with the customer. We recommend to combine the handing over with a short break at Hotel Glocknerhof. Further information about our Service: Model Aircraft building & repairing.