Wellness for body and mind, and peace for the soul

From a balanced diet to lengthy walks, the Glocknerhof offers everything you need to escape everyday life and slow down. Simply lie in a deckchair by the pool, sit on a Hollywood swing or find a remote and hidden spot in the Upper Drautal Valley Outdoorpark adventure region and unwind!

Cosy rooms, indoor pool, sauna pool landscape, mud tread bath, massages and gourmet cuisine are all waiting for you at the Glocknerhof. Take the time to totally switch off for a change. It isn’t difficult here.

Hallenbad & Spa

SPA Hotel Glocknerhof

Sunlamps on the terrace

You don’t need a solarium here. The late winter sun in February and March is so intensive that you can not only get a suntan, but also reduce your stress level in the dry air. Over a fine refreshing drink on the Glocknerhof terrace you can get your physical well-being back on track. Here you can discover what is important for a contented life.

The Glocknerhof is 670 metres above sea level at the foot of the Kreuzeck group with a magnificent view of the Reißkofel and the Jauken Group to the south. Its location has a favourable climate due to the mouth of the Ochsenschlucht gorge, through which heavy snowfalls are deposited in winter. In spring and summer Mediterranean air streams into the Drautal Valley and starts the varied vegetation flowering – roses, grape vines and fruit trees. The water with its iron content (Bad Emberg), the fertile soil and the high number of sunny days, combined with the culinary delights and health treatments make the Hotel a temple of well-being and a fountain of youth.

The Glocknerhof Beauty Weeks are best booked in autumn or spring. Gourmet full board, massages and beauty treatments are included in the price.

You can check the availability here or send us an enquiry.