Slow Food Villages - Places of Good Living

Agriculture and nature have always characterised village life. It is an opportunity for Slow Food Villages. Berg im Drautal is one of 11 communities in Carinthia that has been designated an international Slow Food Village and thus a "place of good living" because of its many good conditions with passionate food producers, innkeepers and educational institutions.

Slow Food community Berg im Drautal

The fields in Berg im Drautal submontane the Emberger Alm have always been fertile. That is why there are so many farmers here. They cultivate potatoes, spelt, old varieties of corn, farm animals and much more according to the motto "GOOD.CLEAN.FAIR".

What does GUT.SAUBER.FAIR mean?

Good food is important. Slow Food promotes the right of every human being to good, clean food and is committed to this cause worldwide out of conviction and passion.

GUT (good) - stands for a rich, fresh and healthy food culture, with the best products from the agricultural wealth of Carinthia and the surrounding Alpe Adria regions.

SAUBER (clean) stands for the production of food in harmony with the environment and health, without polluting the earth's resources, ecosystems or the environment and without causing harm to people, nature or animals.

FAIR - stands for fair conditions, fair prices for all producers and for social justice - from production to trade and consumption.

Video: Slow Food Village Berg im Drautal

Sensopark Berg im Drautal

Recognize the meaning of nature: Physical activity combined with an encounter with intact nature and the enjoyment of regional food from local producers - that is the Sensopark Berg in the Drau Valley. In a fast-moving society, people are increasingly longing for meaning. In Sensopark Berg im Drautal you can recognize this again. Get to know the special treasures of nature on guided Senso hikes, consciously perceive nature with all your senses. And enjoy the good, clean and fair food of the local direct marketers under the sign of the International Slow Food movement. Here you can find further information about the Sensopark Berg im Drautal

The basis of our success - The farm from Hotel Glocknerhof

The Glocknerhof is part of the Zametterhof, an agricultural estate more than 500 years old on the edge of the village of Berg im Drautal, which has been owned by the same family since 1838. The farm includes more than 70 hectares of agricultural land, meadows, woods and gardens, including some 100,000 m² directly around the Hotel.

A good portion of the products processed at the Glocknerhof therefore comes from our own farm, or directly from farmers and producers in the surrounding area: meat, bacon, milk, eggs, rustic bread, fruit and vegetables, and herbs from our own garden, and even the 17-herbs Schnapps comes from our own brewery. Click here to find out more about fine foods at the Glocknerhof.

The area of over 20 hectares occupied by the Glocknerhof consists of two hotel complexes, the farm and its animals, a holiday home and the Biohaus, a medicinal mud tread bath and an old mill. The external facilities include some wonderful vegetable and fruit gardens, an outdoor pool with a water slide for children, a tennis area with three courts, an archery range, a large children’s playground and sufficient room for relaxing and sunbathing, and completely new and within sighting distance: the Hotel’s own Glocknerhof model aircraft airfield in the Berger Moos. This extensive area offers space for many activities, and has one or two secret spots in store for curious guests.