RC aircraft courses with Marco

tl_files/Glocknerhof/Modellflug/Aeroclub.pngThe model flight courses take place from Monday to Friday at the RC Model Airfield Glocknerhof for 4 flights of 6 - 7 minutes each per day.


You will find further information on model aircraft courses under model aircraft school.

1. Glider/Motor intensive € 395

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, 2 students at the same time
No basic knowledge required

Introduction to fixed-wing flying with aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle functions. Depending on ability, suitable gliders and motorised gliders are used. Gliders can be increased to 4 flaps (butterfly, flap). In the case of motorised gliders, electric and combustion models are available as high and low-wing models. The focus is always on practice. Theory is taught while flying. The aim of the course is the safe handling of the model aircraft.

2. Glider XXL € 419

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, 2 students at a time, basic knowledge required.

Entry into the world of large gliders. Only high quality gliders are used. You will learn correct take-off, landing, general handling, light aerobatics. The gliders are brought up to altitude electrically by hand or ground launch.

3. Glider Aerobatic RC-SK € 419

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, maximum of 2 students, autonomous controlling required.

Aerobatic training with large gliders of 4 metres and above. The gliders are launched electrically or with airtow. You learn all aerobatic maneuvers in flight of the Austrian RC-SK programe. You learn zoning the air space, harmony and precision of aerobatic maneuvers.

4. Airtowing Special € 419

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, maximum of 2 students, autonomous controlling required.

Introduction to sail towing. The course is aimed at those who do not feel confident in aerotow. During the course you will learn everything about towing operations, such as how to divide up space in the climb, how to behave in the tow, etc.

5. Motor XXL € 419

Duration: 20 flights in 10 hours, maximum of 2 students, basic knowledge required.

Entry into large model aviation with combustion engines from 30 cc or electric drive. Different models are used depending on availability and requirements. You will learn correct starting, general handling and light aerobatics.

6. Private Flight Lesson € 79 per hour

Duration: At least 1 hours, set-up and dismantling included, basic knowledge is not required.

The flight instructor is available to provide flexible advice and assistance. All of the flight school's fixed-wing models can be used, including models you have brought with you and new models from RC Aircraft Building Service Glocknerhof. Whether glider aerobatics, motor aerobatics or glider towing for one person or a whole club group, almost anything is possible.

7. Setup & Maiden Flight € 59 per hour

Duration: Depending on effort, at least 1 hour

Would you rather have someone else fly your new model aircraft for the first time? The flight instructor will gladly take over this task for you. The flight model is checked for flight suitability, programmed and flown in. Instructor/student flight possible as a private flight lesson. The owner of the model aircraft bears the risk!


Flying courses can be booked directly on our Hotel booking page when you book your Hotel stay or rooms. If this allocation is already fully booked, please phone us or send us an email. We will find a solution. The courses are usually well booked, so secure your desired date as early as possible.

RC aircraft events: You can generally take part in events free of charge and they do not have to be booked specially (in addition to your hotel room).

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