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Model flying at the Hotel Glocknerhof in Austria

Holidays with model flying and your family? No problem! The Hotel Glocknerhof is attractive for this combination. Nature supplies the best conditions, and the undeveloped free area offers an open view. While father and son work on their acrobatics, mum can relax on the sun terrace. A top all-round offer ensures that no one will get bored.

Combination: Holidays in Austria & RC Aircrafts

On the one hand you have great thermal lift at the hill soaring area, the most attractive model aircraft airfield in Austria – in any season and a model flying school for beginners and advanced pilots. On the other hand you have a great hotel for holidays with SPA, indoor swimming pool, alpine cuisine, a lot of leisure facilities like tennis, skittle alley and rental mountainbikes, weekly program with activities like archery, go-cart and guided hiking tours and of course all facilities for families with children like the outdoor swimming pool with waterslide, playground and playroom for children.

Modellflug Glocknerhof

Model flying during holidays

Generally guests can stay free of charge on the different model aircraft airfields all year round (also in wintertime), are free to fly their own models and can use the infrastructures and the hobby rooms.

RC flight school

There is also the option of attending a model aircraft course, a workshop for hill soaring or a Helicopter Training on vacation. It's also possible to participate in a workshop for model aircraft building.If you don't have enough time or if you don't want to build your model aircrafts on your own, we can build your model aircrafts for you (model aircraft building service).


Every year various model aircraft events are held at the Glocknerhof and everybody is invited. Currently there is the Airtow Week in spring, Airtow Days in autumn, the traditional Model Aircraft Week at the end of August and the Warbird Days in October.

Flying Clubs and groups of pilots are very welcome. Please send us a joint enquiry so that we can organise the date and everything else with you.

News: Marco takes up the job as flight instructor

New EU regulation (EU) 2019/947 since 1.1.2021 at Hotel Glocknerhof

A new regulation has been introduced in the EU which, among other things, has brought additional requirements for model flying (wing, helicopter and drones). In addition to liability insurance for model flying, since 2021 you must also have proof of competence and display a registration number on your models. Here are the details on this:

  • Registration requirement: you need a registration number on the rc models. Please register in your home country. You will receive a number which must be affixed to all models. There are currently no requirements for the design. Guests from Austria and from non-EU countries like Switzerland please register here: www.dronespace.at.
  • Proof of competence: If you would like to model fly in Austria, you will need the proof of competence, also called "drone licence", since 1.1.2021. At registered club flying sites such as the Glocknerhof model flying site, a transition period applies in 2021 and 2022. Here you do not have to have the proof of competence until 1.1.2023. If you want to fly on our Rottenstein slope, you will need the certificate as early as 1.1.2021. Here is the link to the certificate of competence: https://online-kurs.dronespace.at

Governmental approved flight altitude up to 500 m over ground

The Airfield Glocknerhof is one of the first Aurstian Model Airfields with an official approved flight altitude up to 500 m over ground.

Please notice: If you want to use the airfield, you have to fill in the registration form at the reception of Hotel Glocknerhof first. You have to confirm in writing, that you have understood the regulations of the Airfield (MFBO MFC Glocknerhof) and that you observe the rule. If you fly higher than 150 m over ground you have to observe the rules of "Austro Control" and Austrian Aeroclub (ÖAeC). Here you find all documents:

If you want to fly with your RC models in Austria, you have to have a liability insurance for model flying valid for Austria. At your arrival in the hotel you get a brochure with all information regarding directions, details of locations and regulations for the model airfields. In the hotel there is also a Model Flight Simulator and a small shop with model aircrafts, parts and equipment.

Holidays with aeromodelling at Glocknerhof - Interview in German

Modellflugurlaub & Flugschule - Interview mit Marco und Daniel

Modellflying at Hotel Glocknerhof - Flying field and hill soaring at Rottenstein

Vacation with Model flying in Winter

It is also possible to use the Model Airfield Glocknerhof and the hobby rooms in winter. Either there is no snow, the snow is blown away or the snow at the airfield gets flattened. In the low season from January until May there is the offer 7 for 6 in all double rooms. So come around and enjoy the combination of model flying, winter sports and relaxation in the hotel!

Here is our video for holidays in wintertime and a video of the snow blower at the Airfield Glocknerhof:

Further Links

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The current flying brochure: Model aircraft brochure Glocknerhof [pdf]

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