Amlach RC aircraft airfield in Greifenburg

Public RC aircraft airfield for all guests and locals

Amlach airfield belongs to Greifenburg, lies to the south of the River Drau near the main road and is a site for pilots of gliders, engine-powered aircraft and helicopters. Both the local model aircraft pilots from the Upper Drautal Valley and guests fly their aircraft here. Helicopters in particular are very welcome. The airfield consists of:

  • 110 m grass runway east-west, maximum flight livel of 120 m
  • 4 tables with power (12 V) supplied by photovoltaic equipment and power generating (230 V)
  • 10 minutes’ drive, 2 km as the crow flies from the Hotel, 1,5 km as the crow flies from the Glocknerhof model aircraft airfield
  • Flying time: Daily from 8:00 to 19:00
  • At Sunday and Austrian official holidays there is a lunch break for combustion engine and impeller from 12:00 to 13:00.
  • Please read regulations of RC airfield Amlach!
  • You need: insurance, EU certificate of compentency and registration number for all rc aircrafts.

Regulations of RC Airfield Amlach

Regulations of RC Airfield Amlach - MFC Greifenburg

Hotel guests are allowed to us RC airfield Amlach. It costs € 5 per day, € 25 per week and € 60 per week. Please complete this form: Registration form for RC aircraft pilots.

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