RC Aircraft Week – the meeting place for pilots

The RC Aircraft Week Glocknerhof has become the most traditional model aircraft event at Glocknerhof. Professionals and amateur pilots will be meeting up for the 40th time to exchange experiences, and those who want to can also take part in the attractive competitions for gliders and engine-powered aircraft. On Friday there is Pilot's ball with live music and award ceremony.


  • Reception with sparkling wine
  • RC aircraft competition and hill soaring competition
  • Pilots’ ball with awards ceremony

This is a week during which many of our regular guests meet up to talk shop and party late into the night. On the airfield the new aircraft models are presented and pilots train hard for the competitions.

The engine-powered aircraft competition tests who has the best mastery of simple standard aerobatics in 3 rounds, who can fly through the limbo gate and make a precision landing. The hill soaring competition is the ultimate discipline which involves sticking precisely to the flying time and landing on the centre of a line. But the most important thing is to join in and have fun. The high point of the week is the pilots’ ball and awards ceremony on the Friday.

You are welcome to come alone, accompanied, with friends or family. You can check the availability here.

Dates: 20 to 27 August 2022

Saturday: Viewing of the airfield and first chance for the pilots to get to know each other
Sunday: Time for training, repairs in hobby rooms and equilibrium in the Hotel
Monday: Reception, meeting about the competition, entry fee € 20 per competition
Tuesday: Engine-powered aircraft competition (electric and engine-powered)
Wednesday: Hill soaring competition on the Rottenstein with pilots’ buffet on the hillside
Thursday: Free flying, sports and wellness programme
Friday: Finale with pilots’ ball (live music) and awards ceremony

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