Medicinal mud tread bath

The Glocknerhof’s medicinal mud tread bath, a Kneipp bath in the old mill, goes back a long way: Grandfather Adolf set it up in the 1970s for passing hikers and pilgrims who wanted to cool their legs and feet, and also for health-conscious guests in his own house.

The therapeutic effect is based on the cold water which contains iron and the fine mud that is extracted by the water from the Mößl on the mountain. In any event it has a highly refreshing effect on the feet and legs.

A Kneipp bath can be recommended in particular after an experience hiking tour in the Kreuzeck group. Click here for our hiking tips and information on hiking in the snow in winter

To round off your medicinal treatment, we recommend our pool landscape with an indoor experience whirlpool with waterfall and relaxation areas for beauty, health and relaxation.

Tip: Wellsystem Medical drywater massage bed: Have your muscles kneaded by the beneficial warmth of two water spray jets.