Ice Skating on lake Weißensee

Every year the ice marathon spectacle at the end of January, attracts up to 5,000 speed skaters, regular skaters and winter triathletes from all over Europe to Lake Weissensee. There are three marathon contests to choose from, over 50, 100 and 200 km.

Lake Weißensee freezes over every year and at 6.5 km² turns into the largest area of natural ice in Austria. The layer of ice, up to 40 cm thick and reliably safe, has brought the lake a reputation that is unique in Europe. From mid-December the lake attracts guests and locals to skating, cross-country skiing and relaxed walks. Small children love being pulled along on toboggans behind.

Events and skating races are regularly held on the ice of Lake Weißensee in winter. At the end of January a stretch of ice over 50 km long is prepared for the “Alternative Dutch 11-cities tour”. Check the dates here and join in!

Many other ice sports can also be played on Lake Weissensee in winter. Lake Weißensee also has a ski region with a natural toboggan run. Toboggans can be borrowed free of charge from the Hotel.

Trip to Lake Weißensee

Lake Weißensee is located very close to Hotel Glocknerhof. It is a must-see in winter and in summertime.

Ice skates and other sports equipment can be hired on the spot. Please note that at Lake Weißensee a parking fee is charged (deductible from your ski pass) and there is also a charge for the use of the ice. You can park free of charge in the car park on the western shore and go straight onto the ice, or use the free nature park buses. We have all the current brochures on display at Reception and will be pleased to help you with any information you need.

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The first ice on Lake Weissensee

Ice Marathon

Ice sports on lake Weißensee

You don’t just have to fasten your skates on and twirl across the ice to feel good here with us. On the frozen Lake Weißensee there’s also room for many other sports – ice hockey, traditional curling, cross country skiing, hiking, biking, and so on.

On Lake Weissensee there are separate areas provided for playing hockey and traditional curling, tracks are traced out for cross-country skiing and sunny paths are laid out for romantic winter walks on the lake.

Investments have been made in the quality of the network of cross-country trails on Lake Weißensee, and as part of this a biathlon centre with a biathlon laser shooting range has been built.

The first weeks of February are entirely dominated by traditional curling. You can join in the “Lattlschießen” practice on the skating rink in Berg or on the lake. And there is a curling session for beginners every week.


Cross-country skiing equipment and toboggans are available free of charge from the Hotel. Everything else such as skates, ice hockey sticks and pucks, skis, snowboards, etc. can be hired locally or directly on Lake Weißensee.

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