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  • Hotel Glocknerhof Lobby Bar
  • Hotelbar und Stiegenaufgang
  • Hotelbar und Salatbuffet

Relaxing in the Hotel Bar

Lean back, relax and enjoy: the Hotel Bar is a place where likeminded guests can meet over cold mixed drinks, the 17-herb Schnapps from our own distillery, well-tempered beers, fine spirits and a select range of wines ... you will find both short drinks and well-cooled treasures here.

Make yourself comfortable and linger over a good drink. Junior chefs Daniel and Lukas will be pleased to offer you drinks to suit your taste and preferences. Creamy, fruity, classic, sour, dry, bitter or sweet – you will find a drink to suit you on our bar and cocktail menu, or let us recommend one to you.

If you avoid cocktails, let Lukas win you over with our range of spirits; he will find you the right single malt from the corresponding region of Scotland or Caribbean rum based on his work experience there.

Have a look into Glocknerhof's Menu of spirituous beverages.

Cosiness around the open fire

When it is  blowing and snowing outside or the rain clouds are especially low, we like to warm up by the open fire. The tiled stove offers the ideal conditions for singsongs and wine tastings. And behind the stove is also a good spot for a nap – try it for yourself!

A welcome from the orchestrion

The 19th century Hupfeld waltz orchestrion, a real museum piece, provides the orchestral accompaniment to your welcome. But in the hotel lobby you can also play chess and relax over a cocktail. From here you can go out onto the open terrace and admire the wonderful view over the Drau Valley accompanied by a nice ice cream sundae, a strong espresso or a home-distilled Schnapps.

17 herbs and a secret recipe

The legendary 17-herb Schnapps was produced by Senior Chef Adolf Seywald in his in-house distillery. “Drink a shot of Schnapps every day and you’ll live to be 100”, promised Adolfo Senior, without revealing his secret recipe. The basis was a fruit brandy produced from pears and apples in our own orchard, with the secret mixture of 17 herbs added in to this home brew for the second distillation. It’s the mixture that makes all the difference :-)