Hill Soaring Area Rottenstein – Steinfeld

Hill soaring in the Alps: The Glocknerhof’s hill soaring site Rottenstein

The hill soaring site on the Rottenstein above Steinfeld is reserved exclusively for guests of the Glocknerhof and for many years has been a popular meeting place for hill soaring pilots with a thing about wide horizons. It is 1.350 metres above sea level and offers phenomenal thermals. Here are the facts about the hillside:

  • Glider site for the free use of Hotel guests only
  • Open for flying from March to October
  • South facing and south-east facing slopes
  • Stone-free meadow
  • No waiting times
  • Thermal flying with a slight slope current
  • Suitable for gliders up to 4 metres

The hillside on the Rottenstein is interesting in particular because it is accessible via an asphalt road that runs right to the launch site, so you can start flying immediately. No further climb is needed and there are no waiting times. You can either take off from the road, or walk a few steps up the slope or down to the country meadow. Detailed directions are available from the Hotel.

For flying at Rottenstein you need a valid public liability insurance policy, the new EU certificate of compentency and a registration number for your rc aircrafts. Please complete this form and bring it with you: Registration form for RC aircraft pilots.

What’s happening on the Rottenstein?

There isn’t usually much happening on the Rottenstein. Just once a year – during the RC Aircraft Week – a hill soaring competition is held on the Rottenstein. And anyone can take part.

For everyone who would like to learn hill soaring or improve their skills we recommend our Hill Soaring Workshops at the RC Aircraft School.

You can book your next hill soaring holiday here or send us an enquiry.

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