Helicopter training with Marco

RC Model helicopter training at the Glocknerhof

Learn to fly RC helicopters the right way right from the start! Training is given with 700 and 550 electric helicopters. In addition to the correct handling of the helicopter, theory and flight-mechanical principles of helicopter flying are also part of the course content. The training programme is individually adapted to the pilot's skills and may therefore differ from the course description.

The following applies to all helicopter courses:

Training takes place on 5 days (Monday to Friday) with a maximum of 2 students at the same time. Each course participant makes 4 flights per day of approx. 6 minutes each. The rest of the day is at your own disposal. Prices are per student per course and include: Rental helicopters, remote controls, flight instructor, repairs, insurance and taxes. For hotel guests of the Glocknerhof the use of the airfield is already included.

Please arrive at the latest the day before the course!


Lessons take place from March to October, from Monday to Friday at the helicopter site. During the towing weeks in spring and autumn, there are no helicopter lessons and flying is not allowed at the helicopter site.

1. Helicopter basic course € 460

Basic knowledge is not required.
At the basic course you will learn how to take off and land correctly and hover purposefully. You will learn how to control the helicopter in motion flight and how to land safely. Handling, theory and flight-mechanical principles are also taught.

2. Helicopter advanced € 500

Prerequisite: Hovering, safe take-off and landing, simple round trip flight.
Learning to fly safely in circles, figure of eight and axis correction, landing in emergency situations, hovering in all 4 directions. Depending on the pilot's ability, basic acro and turn manoeuvres can be incorporated.

3. Heli Scale Training € 540

Prerequisite: Safe sightseeing flight, safe take-off and landing.
You will learn to control your scale helicopter in such a way that the flying style cannot be distinguished from the original helicopter. So no "steep-wall-turn-immediately-around" turn and no "tail-to-tail" landing. Cargo flights can also be trained.

4. Heli individual lesson € 92 / € 100 / € 108

Duration: min. 1 hour, set-up and dismantling included.
The flight instructor is available to provide flexible advice and assistance. For beginners and advanced pilots, scale flying also possible. Billing according to difficulty. Depending on effort and duration, about 3 to 4 flights per hour are possible.


Here you can check available rooms or send us an enquiry. Please indicate your interest in the heli training under comments (date + course request).

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