• F-Schlepp in der Seglerschleppwoche Glocknerhof
  • Bruckmann Swiss Trainer Glocknerhof
  • F-Schlepp am Modellflugplatz Glocknerhof
  • Chef mit Gästen in der F-Schlepp-Woche

Airtow Week Glocknerhof in Carinthia

Our Airtow Week, which has now become something of a tradition, is held every year in spring and offers both professionals and newcomers plenty of time to swap experiences with like-minded enthusiasts. In autumn there are additional Airtow Days. Why not come along?

Every year in spring and in autumn RC aircraft pilots travel to the Glocknerhof in Carinthia with their gliders and tow aircrafts to join the aircraft towing event. In addition tow pilot Marco is on the airfield Glocknerhof the whole time, and will tow aircrafts with the Glocknerhof’s 3.8 m Bruckmann Swisstrainer in the morning and afternoon until everyone has had enough. In between you can relax on the sun loungers or unwind by having a snooze on the grass. In the afternoon there is a short break and the Hotel manager Adolf comes along to the airfield with coffee and cake. The feature of this week: Airtow-Service is included during this week.

In spring there is an Aerotow Week and in autumn the Aerotow Days take place.

It is also possible to get the Airtow-Service outside of this week. It doesn't matter if you are alone, with your friends or if you you are a whole RC Flight Club. You can book flight instructor Marco by the hour (Private Flight Lessons) at Flight School Glocknerhof.

You too could be there at the Airtow Week Glocknerhof next time. You can check the availability here and book online straightaway.

11th Airtow Week in Spring: 23 to 30 April 2022

  • Gliders and motor machines for airtow welcome!
  • Informal flying and talking
  • Have a sociable time on the model aircraft airfield in one of the best thermal regions in Austria
  • Towing in the mornings and afternoons
  • Hotel’s own tow aircrafts - airtow service is free of charge

4th Airtow-Days in Autumn: 26. to 30. September 2022

  • Aerotow-Days in Autumn
  • Tow pilot Marco and his Swisstrainer are free available.
  • Monday, 26. to Friday, 30. September 2022, in the morning and in the afternoon
  • Be part of the Airtow-Days in Autumn!

Video: Seglerschlepp-Woche 2017

Video: Seglerschlepp-Woche 2015

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